Garbage truck Day!

Toddler’s obsession with garbage truck is REAL! LOL I can’t believe I’m even considering to write a blogpost about it. But I’m sure ten years from now when I read this, it will bring all these silly sweet memories back. Sammy’s obsession started somewhere around when she was 14 months old. I used to show her mail vans and garbage trucks now and then ever since she was born but she became curious only around 14 months.

My husband got her this book ‘ VROOM VROOM GARBAGE TRUCK’ around that time and she was obsessed about this book, she still is. So every Thursday (Thursday is our garbage truck day here), we wait to see the REAL DEAL in action! This book takes us through a day in the life of garbage truck. So Sammy knows the sequence of how it works and she goes nuts predicting the order of things. 
We woke up today and I asked her what day is today and what Sammy said cracked me up like crazy! I expected her to say Sundee because she says Sunday for everyday. But today when I asked she said gaabage tuck dee. LOL. All day today, we were waiting by the glass door for the garbage truck to pull up by our house. She even told her grandparents and cousin sister that she’s looking forward for the same. We read books, played, had food by the door waiting for her ‘hero’ to pull up. LOL. 

Going by her obsession I think I’d probably dress her up as a garbage truck for Halloween and also host a garbage truck themed birthday party. I know this sounds crazy but I’m sure Sammy would love it. Also planning to get few more books about trucks, so please let us know if you’d recommend any. 

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