Find the bee- Toddler color learning activity

A couple of months back when Sammy was showing interest in colors, I came up with this easy activity idea which is a big hit with her . This activity is so engaging and doesn’t need much prep and fun way to learn more colors. This would be an appropriate activity for 18+ months taby or whenever your toddler starts showing interest in colors. Apart from learning colors, Sammy learned how to close her eyes as a part of the game, we quickly switched roles and she asked me to close my eyes and she hid the bee under the flower.
She picks this activity from the cubbie by herself and starts playing on her own these day while I sit in the corner and cry seeing her play all by herself and doesn’t need me anymore.

What you need for this activity.  
1. Felt (I used few different common colors and made flowers and leaves, you can also use paper to cut out the flowers)
2. Bee ( This bee is a part of another toy, you can draw on a paper and use it as a bee)
3. A board/ baking sheep/felt sheet as a base (optional)

How do I play this

Place all the flowers and leaves on the board and ask your toddler to close their eyes. 
Quickly put the bee under a flower. Now let them open their eyes LOL.
Now lets help them find the bee by asking them to lift a certain color flower/leaf and check if the bee is under that flower/leaf.
Continue the same until they find the bee. 🙂

For eg:
You- Close your eyes please. 
Quickly put the bee under a flower/leaf
You- Open your eyes.Let’s find the buzzing bee!!
Is it under the red flower?
Toddler- lifts the red flower to see if the bee is there. ( If your toddler doesn’t lift the right color or is confused, go ahead and correct them)
Continue this until they find the flower with the bee under it.
Let me know if you try this with your toddler. I hope your toddler loves it as much as mine does.
Also, linking a few other activity ideas using animal figurines and pool noodles.
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