About Me

Hello there! Thanks for visiting my little space! I’m Aishwarya. about_me_aishwarya  

Just another girl in her late 20’s, a homemaker residing with my husband  in Chicago. A vegetarian trying hard to be a vegan. Lover of all things fun, food and travel.. When I’m not cooking or baking, I’m usually gardening, trying to decorate our new home or watching YouTube ( mostly videos of baby elephants, pandas and culinary/DIY channels).

I’ve been blogging since a couple of years at ‘A Kaleidoscopic Dream’ along with two of my friends.. Just few months ago in Oct 2015  when we got to know my dad’s cancer has relapsed, I was extremely heart-broken and depressed. Blogging always seemed therapeutic for me and especially now.. I wanted my own space to vent out hence this lovely little space happened.. Sadly, my dad passed away on Jan 18th of 2016.. It’s been tough without him and I have talked about it here.  With his passing, I have learnt a lot of lessons which includes living my life over just existing.. So, I have decided to document  my life’s little moments here.

Things you’ll find here-

Recipes that I tried and would want to try,DIY, home decor, corners of my home, about my family, gardening, money-saving/earning tips and travel.

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