Eggless Banana Pancakes

I have been making these pancakes ever since Sammy started her solids and she loved nibbling on it. Now, she has grown up so much that she helps me prep the batter and watch me make pancakes. For some reason, I always thought it’s a recipe for kids and never thought of scaling up the recipe so that we grown ups could eat it too. Once there was a leftover pancake from what I made for Sammy, which almost never happens. She loves these pancakes more than the real deal pancakes. So, I had that leftover pancake and it was SO delicious. I just wished I made a bigger batch. Since then, it’s our tradition to eat pancakes as a family. The best part about this is it’s hit breakfast with anyone in the family. Baby to parents to uncles to grand parents to great grand parent. YUP! Tested and loved recipe, definitely a keeper. Here’s how I make it.

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Homemade Tomato Soup

Growing up, whenever our parents took us out to eat, the first thing we would order is tomato soup. I have tried various recipes trying to achieve the typical restaurant style tomato soup and I think I’ve finally nailed it(well, almost). We have been doing it this way for quite sometime and this recipe is really a keeper. Here’s what you will need. 
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Filter coffee Mocha Ice-cream

Quarantine life hits hard on us sometimes and my way of burning stress is by cooking/baking. I love recipes that are simple yet the result is delicious. Once such recipe is this filter coffee mocha ice cream. I have already shared the recipe for mango ice cream, the base recipe is just the same and the flavor that we use here is filter coffee decoction (brewed coffee/espresso) and cocoa powder. Isn’t that the best combination ever? Even better when had in a soft serve ice cream form.    
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Homemade Tomato Ketchup

Growing up, we loved to eat ketchup with anything and everything. Be it chapathi, dosa, sandwich, pizza, puffs, rolls you name it. So it was a staple in our kitchen pantry. I always thought ketchup had to be store-bought and never thought of making it myself. Enter corona virus and quarantine life. We ran out of ketchup and the shop that I used to buy from didn’t carry it. So now I had to DIY it and googled the recipe and I couldn’t believe how easy it was to make it at home.I have already made it twice now and I’m blown away with the texture and taste which is just like store bought ketchup. Here’s how I make it.
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10 Useful Travel Toys For Toddlers

Long haul flights can be painful especially when it is *really really* long like close to 24 hours. Now imagine travelling with a baby/toddler in tow for this long!! 

Enter amazing toys/books. 
Every kid is different so are their interests and developments. So I’ll suggest toys/books/random stuff that have helped Sammy during our long haul flights. These work great for short trips/ road trips too. 

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Activity Ideas Using Pom Poms

Pom poms are such a versatile item and they are a big hit with Sammy. We introduced it to her when she was around 13 months and we use it almost everyday since then. Pom poms are great for sensory play, learning colors and they also help them with fine motor skills. Theses are some simple yet fun activities for your toddler and preschoolers. 

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Find the bee- Toddler color learning activity

A couple of months back when Sammy was showing interest in colors, I came up with this easy activity idea which is a big hit with her . This activity is so engaging and doesn’t need much prep and fun way to learn more colors. This would be an appropriate activity for 18+ months taby or whenever your toddler starts showing interest in colors. Apart from learning colors, Sammy learned how to close her eyes as a part of the game, we quickly switched roles and she asked me to close my eyes and she hid the bee under the flower.
She picks this activity from the cubbie by herself and starts playing on her own these day while I sit in the corner and cry seeing her play all by herself and doesn’t need me anymore.
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Dates-walnut muffin using oat flour

I can’t believe I’m saying this but we are kinda getting bored of baking banana bread. It used to be our favorite but I think I need to give it a break. Enter dates-nut muffins. I have always been finding ways to make cake/muffins healthier and pushed myself to bake these muffins with oats this time. I have used 3/4th cup rolled oats and 1/4 cup ragi flour, you can use just oats or oats with all purpose flour or just all purpose flour. I have used one egg, feel free to sub it with flax egg. Here’s how I made it with some help from my sous chef Sammy. 🙂
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