Activity Ideas Using Pom Poms

Pom poms are such a versatile item and they are a big hit with Sammy. We introduced it to her when she was around 13 months and we use it almost everyday since then. Pom poms are great for sensory play, learning colors and they also help them with fine motor skills. Theses are some simple yet fun activities for your toddler and preschoolers. 

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Find the bee- Toddler color learning activity

A couple of months back when Sammy was showing interest in colors, I came up with this easy activity idea which is a big hit with her . This activity is so engaging and doesn’t need much prep and fun way to learn more colors. This would be an appropriate activity for 18+ months taby or whenever your toddler starts showing interest in colors. Apart from learning colors, Sammy learned how to close her eyes as a part of the game, we quickly switched roles and she asked me to close my eyes and she hid the bee under the flower.
She picks this activity from the cubbie by herself and starts playing on her own these day while I sit in the corner and cry seeing her play all by herself and doesn’t need me anymore.
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Activity ideas using pool noodle

We made a quick Dollar Tree run over the weekend and picked up few stuff for Sammy’s activities. First thing that caught Sammy’s attention  was a pool noodle. She was thrilled to see it for some reason. So, I had to bring it home and do a quick Pinterest search and found so many awesome ideas. Here are a few that were tried, tested and loved by a 18 month old. For all the activities below, you need to cut the pool noodle into smaller rings like in the picture below. All the activities need adult supervision and some help initially till they get the idea. These activities helps with fine motor skills, gross motor skills, hand-eye co-ordination, learn numbers/alphabets in the process of having fun is always a BONUS 🙂 

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