Thank you, Universe!

Few months back, to be precise, in November when the election results were out there were so many broken hearts including me who wanted some kind of positivity around. I came up with one simple yet excellent idea which had something to do with post-its. I went to my office room to check for them but couldn’t find it. I have this good/bad habit of trying to find stuff that I can’t find. So the idea was put on pause for four long months until yesterday evening.

Yesterday evening while I was busy judging celebrities on the red carpet, Hari came and gave me a small package and said.
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Annoying topics of conversation.

As much as I love having conversation with adults at a party/ get-together, I usually tend to hangout with the kids. They are the best (my type) and don’t ask me inappropriate questions. 😀 These are few of the topics which might not annoy you but it does annoy me like a noisy lawn mower at 7 in the morning. 

1. What do you do all day?- I don’t get annoyed at the question actually, I have patience to answer that but what annoys me is to see that person judge my life. Like seriously, what do you expect me to do everyday? Launch a rocket?

2. Are you guys planning for baby?- Excuse me? Don’t you think you’re crossing your boundaries?

3. How much do you earn? Why? Are you planning to donate me some if it’s too less?

4. Gifts- Again, what my husband or anyone gifts me is very personal and I find it really awkward to discuss and compare the gifts.

5. Body shaming- Fat people, dark people, short people are all beautiful. What’s not beautiful is you sitting and bashing people/yourself for no reason.

Thank God I don’t meet such people on daily basis or else I might need a therapist just to calm me down  😛 I din’t mean to offend anyone here but try not to get on my nerves please. Thank you. Let’s spread love, kindness and positivity. Less judging, less hate. OK? Also, how are you all doing? Long time! Did you miss my rants? 😀

10 Things You Should NOT Say to a Grieving Person.

It’s been an year since my dad passed away, we have been blessed with so much support, care and love from the family and friends. I wouldn’t have survived without you all to be very honest! Some of you literally dragged me out of my house to get me some fresh air, lighten up my mood. Some lifted me up when I was low and made sure I’m ok. Some cheered me up and did everything to make me happy. Some minded their own business and din’t bother me because they know I don’t need them especially at this point of time. It was a tough one year dealing with the loss, trauma, heartaches, anxiety and what not. I’m sure everyone goes through it when they lose someone they love. If you would wanna help them and have no clue how to, don’t stay away because that’s the worst you can do to them. Here are few things you should say and shouldn’t say to a grieving person.
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Favorite pictures.

I have been meaning to write this post for a while and I finally got to write this. I wanted to share few of my favorite pictures that my husband has clicked. He is a photography enthusiast, more of a nature/wildlife/landscape photographer and sometimes he does portraits too. I’m his muse sometimes but for the most part I’m his assistant who carries tripod and spots birds/animals for him. Fun stuff! Here are my favorite pictures.




I am coming for ya! by Hari on


Really bro? by Hari on

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WCW is an acronym for ‘Woman Crush Wednesday’ in Instagram world but it means ‘ Weird Combination Wednesday’ in my La La land.  Those who know Hari might know that he is a sucker for weird food combinations. If you ask him whether he wants Orange juice or cranberry juice, he would want both, mixed together. In fact I recently found out there is a cocktail with that combination called Madras Cocktail (Cranberry juice + Orange juice + Vodka). I casually Snapchatted when he was dunking bitter-guard chips in orange juice few months back and few people were actually fascinated by this idea!!!! You gotta be kidding me! But here are such weird-combinations that he likes. Read More …

I see faces everywhere.

That’s right. I see faces everywhere, well not in a spooky way but in a cute or funny way. I have few pictures of the many ‘faces’ that I have seen over years. Until I met Hari, I thought it’s just me that who’s blessed with such powers but now we are that couple who sees faces everywhere. Just so you know, a couple who sees faces everywhere together , stays together.  😀 We usually see faces or body in clouds, flowers, houses, coffee. etc Before you judge us, I googled before I began to write this post to check whether if it’s some kinda disorder that we are able to see faces but turns out we have a well-wired brain. I don’t know what that means but reading that made me 100x happier. *smug face* Read More …

Purpose in life

What’s my purpose in life? I never thought about it until I lost my dad and felt like there’s no reason for me to live anymore. But something told me there’s a reason that I’m still alive, there’s a purpose, that lead me contemplating what my purpose is. Now I know what my purpose is, it is to make a difference in this world. May be I can’t be half as great as Mother Theresa or Dalai Lama or Abdul Kalam but I’ll contribute in my own way. My purpose is to build someone up, spread happiness, smile more and to be kind. I asked the same question to Hari and my bestfriend. My best friend’s purpose is similar to mine (duh!) and this is what Hari said.. Read More …

Life Lessons From Dalai Lama

Whenever I made a mistake or was hurt, I would go to my dad and he used to give me the best advice. Past one year has been tough since the person who always guided me is no more. What do I do now? Where would I go? Who do I ask? I would just google my problems and I was always directed to His Highness Dalai Lama’s quotes. I’m very fond of HH Dalai Lama and their quotes. Here are few of my favorite quotes. Read More …

Do you have pets at home?

I din’t set up my tree or make any goodies for Christmas, so I couldn’t share anything with my friends/neighbors this year. But when my neighbor friend dropped by last week and gave us loads of yummy goodies despite her son being not well, I felt so touched. As soon as she left, Hari and I worried about their son and we knew we gotta make something to cheer them up. I made some Indian sweets and savories and Hari and I literally hopped to their place yesterday. The son who wasn’t well attended the door and asked us to get in. I kind of hesitated but we had to go talk to him and his parents about how he was doing. Read More …