Backyard Visitors 2017

If you have read this post from last year you know how obsessed I am about these birds and the obsession has only grown infinitely. Cooking and gardening has taken a backseat these days, looks like birding and photography is my favorite hobby these days. These are few of my favorite pictures that I have clicked. Hope you enjoy them.

Bath time by aishwaryaisonline on

Sitting Pretty! by aishwaryaisonline on

How's my head-tilt? by aishwaryaisonline on

24/7 Hungry. by aishwaryaisonline on

The Angry Bird by aishwaryaisonline on

Pout on fleek. by aishwaryaisonline on

Common Grackle by aishwaryaisonline on

Nom nom nom by aishwaryaisonline on

Bonding over breakfast. by aishwaryaisonline on

House finch by the feeder. by aishwaryaisonline on

Robin by aishwaryaisonline on

The Tree Whisperer by aishwaryaisonline on

Berry Merry by aishwaryaisonline on

Banana-date-nut Bread

My husband and I go bananas over banana bread and it’s our breakfast staple at home. I have tried several versions of banana bread like this chocolate-banana bread, banana muffins, nutella-banana muffins. To be honest, this recipe is my favorite of all the ones I have tried to date. It’s vegan- no egg, no butter, no milk and yet so fluffy and moist. I have used part ‘whole wheat flour’ and part ‘all-purpose flour’ here, you can change the proportion to your liking. Here’s how I make it.
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Glazed Lime Cake

I haven’t baked anything in yonks and was craving for something lemony since a week. I baked this glazed like cake for the first time 3 years back and we loved it so much that I wanted to try again. I’m usually very conscious while baking cake, I try to replace all purpose flour with wheat flour, white sugar with brown sugar, butter with oil but this cake has all sorta mean stuff- butter, white sugar, white flour and all sorta meany yum stuff. But it’s totes worth it. 😀
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Strawberry Sorbet

I’m not a big fan of ice-cream but I do love me some sorbet/gelato/popsicle.  I’m obsessed about Talenti Alfonso Mango sorbet and I can finish it in one sitting. So proud! Anyway, we went grocery shopping last weekend and we came across an amazing deal- 8 lbs strawberries for $5!! I’m the only fruit eater at home and don’t ask me what I would do with 8 lbs of strawberries but I *had* to grab the deal. I usually infuse water with them and a big fan of it. Yesterday I made a batch of Strawberry sorbet and some popsicles. I had around 5 scoops of it today morning and you can say I’m addicted. Here’s how I make it. It’s so easy and it’s only two ingredients. yayy! Also, I don’t remember the last time I type out a recipe here!! Hoping to post more from here on. Okay, off to recipe now.
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Hawaii Haul

I hope you’re all doing great! We are back from the Aloha state, Hawaii with lots of memories, pictures, tan and a bag full of goodies. We had no plans of shopping anything major except a souvenir or two but we did end up getting quite a lot of stuff. Mostly food stuff, not a surprise if you know me well. 😀 Here are few things that we got from Hawaii!

1. Our Airbnb hosts gave us a box of milk chocolate covered mac nuts which we loved and got this ‘cookies & creme’ macadamias with us to mainland. These are our post-dinner treats and they are so yum. 
2. I was nauseous at the airport while leaving to Chicago and picked this tamarind candy at a random store at airport. It tastes like our Indian khatta-meeta golis which was exactly what I wanted at that time. So yayyy! 
I can’t wait to try these, in fact I might open this packet right after I finish this post. ugh. Can’t wait! I wish I bought these in many other flavors but I wasn’t sure then. But I see them on Amazon so no worries! Yay!

These are the bomb!! I don’t know what I was thinking, I should have bought at least a 10 more of these considering anything that has chocolate plus coconut cannot go wrong. These are available on Amazon but at double the price but it’s worth it!! 
I’m a sucker for anything passion fruit so I *had* to get these yummies. I’m planning to make passion fruit mousse with the syrup or just pour over french toast. And the jelly, I want to try with toasted bread or I might lick it all in one sitting.
 We saw this ador(bobble)head which goes on the car dashboard and we *had* to adopt him right away. We fondly call him ‘Thenga’ and he cracks us up every.single.time we see him. 
   I may or may not have bought couple of Hawaiian key chains for my friends here. 😀 
8. We stopped at a random fair in Kauai and though I’m not a accessory person, I really liked this necklace and the sweet shopkeeper lady said she would love to gift it to me. :’) Hawaiians are as sweet as their pineapples!
9. We got this name plate for our ‘Kauai’ inspired garden in our backyard which is our little Summer’17 garden project. Let’s see how that goes. 🙂   
10. We also got a refrigerator magnet that I can’t seem to find at the moment. :O
11. We also got our moms a pearl necklace each and we hope they like it.
That’s all folks! I hope I post often now that I’m back from Hawaiian beaches with spackled soul and aloha spirit.
Take care, youguys! <3

Thank you, Universe!

Few months back, to be precise, in November when the election results were out there were so many broken hearts including me who wanted some kind of positivity around. I came up with one simple yet excellent idea which had something to do with post-its. I went to my office room to check for them but couldn’t find it. I have this good/bad habit of trying to find stuff that I can’t find. So the idea was put on pause for four long months until yesterday evening.

Yesterday evening while I was busy judging celebrities on the red carpet, Hari came and gave me a small package and said.
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Annoying topics of conversation.

As much as I love having conversation with adults at a party/ get-together, I usually tend to hangout with the kids. They are the best (my type) and don’t ask me inappropriate questions. 😀 These are few of the topics which might not annoy you but it does annoy me like a noisy lawn mower at 7 in the morning. 

1. What do you do all day?- I don’t get annoyed at the question actually, I have patience to answer that but what annoys me is to see that person judge my life. Like seriously, what do you expect me to do everyday? Launch a rocket?

2. Are you guys planning for baby?- Excuse me? Don’t you think you’re crossing your boundaries?

3. How much do you earn? Why? Are you planning to donate me some if it’s too less?

4. Gifts- Again, what my husband or anyone gifts me is very personal and I find it really awkward to discuss and compare the gifts.

5. Body shaming- Fat people, dark people, short people are all beautiful. What’s not beautiful is you sitting and bashing people/yourself for no reason.

Thank God I don’t meet such people on daily basis or else I might need a therapist just to calm me down  😛 I din’t mean to offend anyone here but try not to get on my nerves please. Thank you. Let’s spread love, kindness and positivity. Less judging, less hate. OK? Also, how are you all doing? Long time! Did you miss my rants? 😀

10 Things You Should NOT Say to a Grieving Person.

It’s been an year since my dad passed away, we have been blessed with so much support, care and love from the family and friends. I wouldn’t have survived without you all to be very honest! Some of you literally dragged me out of my house to get me some fresh air, lighten up my mood. Some lifted me up when I was low and made sure I’m ok. Some cheered me up and did everything to make me happy. Some minded their own business and din’t bother me because they know I don’t need them especially at this point of time. It was a tough one year dealing with the loss, trauma, heartaches, anxiety and what not. I’m sure everyone goes through it when they lose someone they love. If you would wanna help them and have no clue how to, don’t stay away because that’s the worst you can do to them. Here are few things you should say and shouldn’t say to a grieving person.
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Favorite pictures.

I have been meaning to write this post for a while and I finally got to write this. I wanted to share few of my favorite pictures that my husband has clicked. He is a photography enthusiast, more of a nature/wildlife/landscape photographer and sometimes he does portraits too. I’m his muse sometimes but for the most part I’m his assistant who carries tripod and spots birds/animals for him. Fun stuff! Here are my favorite pictures.




I am coming for ya! by Hari on


Really bro? by Hari on

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