Therattipal in Instant Pot

Growing up, we always used to buy therattipaal/palgova since it’s very labor-intensive to make at home. Now that I have my magic wand, I whip up foodgasmic therattipaal in my Instant pot in just SIX minutes!! I got this recipe from my friend and tried it immediately and have been hooked to it since then. We love how easy and delicious it is and all we need is just 3 ingredients! You can also make this in microwave but I choose IP over microwave any day. Check out my other Instant Pot recipes here. palgova_recipe_instantpot Read More …

No Bake White Chocolate Peanut Butter Cookies

nobake_cookie To be honest, I don’t want to call it a cookie.. ‘no-bake cookie was never on my radar..It’s like I’m cheating.. I’m still debating whether to call it a cookie or a cluster?

What’s in a name right?

Ugh.. OK fine! Calling it a cookie because it does look like a cookie. Doesn’t it?

A friend of mine made this for Christmas and sent me the picture and I was literally drooling. These cookies are kind of perfect, it has all of my favorite ingredients. It had me at white chocolate! I wanted to make it right away..

They look messy but wait, don’t let the messy looks fool you.. Because these cookie are very very delicious. I mean how can anything go wrong when we combine white chocolate and peanut butter , right? let me just tell you how to make this.Read More …