2 Ingredient Teething Cookies

These teething cookies are healthy and so easy to make that you will never want to buy the store-bought ones ever. You babies/toddlers will love gnawing on them like there’s no tomorrow. Sammy likes to hold them by herself and she’s so happy that I let her do so.  We have teethers in all sorts of shapes and sizes and she easily gets bored of them but these cookies are such lifesavers. Here’s how I make them.

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Multi-grain Porridge/Sathumaavu Kanji

I gave Sammy only ragi/finger-millet porridge initially as I was asked not to give her more than one ingredient at a time. This porridge is a mixture of various grains and millets that are very healthy. So I started giving this only around 7th month. The procedure to cook this is very similar to ragi porridge and it smells heavenly. I add fruit chunks or peanut butter to it to make it more flavorful and also she likes to gnaw on the fruits. Here’s how I make it.
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Buckwheat porridge

Hey guys,
I’m here with another healthy porridge recipe/idea for your bub. My mom and MIL sent some amazing homemade porridge powders that I can cook into a porridge in a jiffy but I was looking for more options and my friend recommended this product to me which my bubsy loves. I started giving this when she was around 8 months. I cook this and add half an avocado or peanut butter or berries. Adding avocado/banana/nut butters/yogurt makes this porridge so creamy and filling. I add berries or other fruit chunks when she’s struggling with teething and gnawing on these fruit chunks helps her with the itchy gums. You can find this cereal in cereal aisle at Wholefoods. Alright, here’s how I cook it.

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Ragi Kanji/Finger Millet Porridge

Ragi is one of the most nutritious food that you can give your baby. This was the first solid food Sammy had I think when she was around 5 months. I din’t add any sweetener like jaggery or sugar as she has got used to the natural flavor of the porridge. I just used to cook the porridge and add some breastmilk to thin the consistency of the porridge. Eventually as her appetite built up, I started adding mashed banana/peanut butter/ steamed apple to the porridge to give it a flavor. Here’s how I make it.

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Easy Purée Ideas For Babies

I introduced solids to Sammy when she was around five months old as her doctor suggested. I breastfeed her as usual and give these as a complimentary food. I started with finger-millet porridge and some vegetable/fruit purée. I followed the 3 day rule for a month i.e I’d give her one fruit/vegetable and wait for 3 days to introduce anything new and I gave her only single ingredient purees so that it will be easy to tell what caused her the allergy. Here are some of the ideas.
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Quiet Book

Ever since I got pregnant, I wanted to do something for the baby. Like some people knit scarf/mittens, some people sew dresses. But I can’t do either of them so I settled for making headbands and something that is related to book. I wanted to create a story book but I can’t sketch to save the life of me. Great, now I feel like I’m not good at anything!! I came across this idea of quiet book and thought this looks cool so why not! You can find them easily on Amazon or any bookstore but the creative satisfaction that I get when I was making it or when I read this book to Sam is nothing compared to reading the mainstream books. I’m sure she will treasure it in future and I’m hoping it stays in one piece for her to treasure . Here’s how it looks, let me know how you like it!! 🙂
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How we named our baby.

Previously on ‘Treasured Chronicles’, you’d have read about ‘how we found out that we are pregnant‘. and that ‘we had our baby girl and how obsessed I’m about dressing her up‘.
So, when did we start brainstorming the baby names you ask?  As soon as we knew that we are having a baby gir… no wait.. Actually it started way before we even got pregnant like I think when I was in school. LOL. Jokes apart, sometime in 2016, I came across this name and kinda liked it. Who would have thunk that we would get pregnant and have a baby girl the next year? But it happened. My dream came true!! 🙂 Straight outta soap opera, right? 
So, our baby girl’s name is 

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DIY Headband

Ever since the gender reveal balloon burst out the ‘pink’ confetti, I have been a little cray cray about dressing up my baby girl. I kind of did a happy dance at a baby store and freaked the heck out of people there. Those tulle skirts, bloomers, headbands, moccasins… I know, right? That’s how giddy happy I feel too. I think I’m obsessed about baby headbands and I’m sure I’m not alone in this. At least my brother and FIL adore them on her as much as I do. As a crazy mom who’s *this* close to bankruptcy, went on Pinterest and browsed for ‘DIY Headbands’ and found this easy-peasy tutorial. Tutorial? LOL. Alright. This is how I made these cute headbands.
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