Do you have pets at home?

I din’t set up my tree or make any goodies for Christmas, so I couldn’t share anything with my friends/neighbors this year. But when my neighbor friend dropped by last week and gave us loads of yummy goodies despite her son being not well, I felt so touched. As soon as she left, Hari and I worried about their son and we knew we gotta make something to cheer them up. I made some Indian sweets and savories and Hari and I literally hopped to their place yesterday. The son who wasn’t well attended the door and asked us to get in. I kind of hesitated but we had to go talk to him and his parents about how he was doing. Read More …


If you follow me on Instagram/Snapchat you know that I was staycationing in Chicago. Hari tried his best to convince me for a vacation this year but I wasn’t ready yet. So he came up with this brilliant idea of staycation and I din’t have the heart to say no this time. Also, this is my only ‘travel’ this year, I loved it so much that I wanna document it here. So on Dec 25th we went on a staycation, we stayed at the Marriot in Wilmette which was amazing (good job, husband)! We checked-in, toured the room and got into our swimsuits and headed straight to the swimming pool and oh boy, we had a whole pool to ourselves and had a blast. You know what, I’ll let the pictures do the talking. 😀 Read More …

25 random things about me!


OK guys here it is.. 25 random things about me whether you want to know or not. 😀

  • I lived in Bangalore for 7 years and loved it. I miss it badly!
  • I’m fluent in 5 languages- English, Tamil, Kannada, Hindi & Sarcasm.
  • I sing in public. I don’t care you like it or not. Shameless like that.
  • I’m goofy and only my dear ones know that side of me.
  • I LOVE fruits. I can survive on them.
  • I use a lot of emoji while texting.
  • I have two three best friends.
  • When I really really really like a song, I play it on repeat until I get bored of it..
  • I like to be funny but often misunderstood by others.
  • I have  a love-hate relationship with my bangs.
  • My favorite TV Show is  FRIENDS and my favorite character is Joey. 😀
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