Activity Ideas Using Pom Poms

Pom poms are such a versatile item and they are a big hit with Sammy. We introduced it to her when she was around 13 months and we use it almost everyday since then. Pom poms are great for sensory play, learning colors and they also help them with fine motor skills. Theses are some simple yet fun activities for your toddler and preschoolers. 

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5 activities to do with animal figurines.

During my last visit to India I got Sammy a lot of toys, books, puzzles, flashcards and this animal figurine set. She’s so fascinated by them and always picks them over other toys. Sammy is currently 18 months  and these are some of the activities I have tried with her using the animal figurines. The list of activities can be endless, let your (or your kid’s) imagination run wild and have fun playing with the animals. This helps with your toddler’s fine motor skills and also learn animal names and their characteristics but mostly it is just another fun activity to entertain your clingy toddler.

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Do you have pets at home?

I din’t set up my tree or make any goodies for Christmas, so I couldn’t share anything with my friends/neighbors this year. But when my neighbor friend dropped by last week and gave us loads of yummy goodies despite her son being not well, I felt so touched. As soon as she left, Hari and I worried about their son and we knew we gotta make something to cheer them up. I made some Indian sweets and savories and Hari and I literally hopped to their place yesterday. The son who wasn’t well attended the door and asked us to get in. I kind of hesitated but we had to go talk to him and his parents about how he was doing. Read More …


If you follow me on Instagram/Snapchat you know that I was staycationing in Chicago. Hari tried his best to convince me for a vacation this year but I wasn’t ready yet. So he came up with this brilliant idea of staycation and I din’t have the heart to say no this time. Also, this is my only ‘travel’ this year, I loved it so much that I wanna document it here. So on Dec 25th we went on a staycation, we stayed at the Marriot in Wilmette which was amazing (good job, husband)! We checked-in, toured the room and got into our swimsuits and headed straight to the swimming pool and oh boy, we had a whole pool to ourselves and had a blast. You know what, I’ll let the pictures do the talking. 😀 Read More …

25 random things about me!


OK guys here it is.. 25 random things about me whether you want to know or not. 😀

  • I lived in Bangalore for 7 years and loved it. I miss it badly!
  • I’m fluent in 5 languages- English, Tamil, Kannada, Hindi & Sarcasm.
  • I sing in public. I don’t care you like it or not. Shameless like that.
  • I’m goofy and only my dear ones know that side of me.
  • I LOVE fruits. I can survive on them.
  • I use a lot of emoji while texting.
  • I have two three best friends.
  • When I really really really like a song, I play it on repeat until I get bored of it..
  • I like to be funny but often misunderstood by others.
  • I have  a love-hate relationship with my bangs.
  • My favorite TV Show is  FRIENDS and my favorite character is Joey. 😀
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