Of dreams and smiles- Part II

I have been sleeping well lately *knocks on wood* that I have started to get dreams!! I started losing sleep when I was in my third trimester of pregnancy due to pupps. Dang those rashes were so itchy and painful that I had to wake my husband or my mom up and cry to them to slather hydrocortisone or sandalwood paste all over my bump, legs and hands. I couldn’t sleep well for more than 2 hours at a stretch. As if this wasn’t enough I had to get up for peeing. Pupps went away after I delivered but I had to feed baby every 2 hours and she used to drink for an hour or so and then sometimes she wanted me to comfort feed her to make her sleep after that one hour of feeding. So basically no sleep so no dreams.
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My Happy List


It all started when I was going through PMS and badly needed a happy pill.

I asked myself, “what makes me happy?”

I  decided to jot down the things that make me happy cos scribbling on my chalkboard itself makes me happy.

This list made me happy instantly and changed my mood in a jiffy.. best pick-me-up idea ever!

This is MY Happy List.. silly and peppy.


Not sure if you could relate to any of what I’ve mentioned above(it’s OK,I’m unique like that), do share the list with me if you make one.