WCW is an acronym for ‘Woman Crush Wednesday’ in Instagram world but it means ‘ Weird Combination Wednesday’ in my La La land. ┬áThose who know Hari might know that he is a sucker for weird food combinations. If you ask him whether he wants Orange juice or cranberry juice, he would want both, mixed together. In fact I recently found out there is a cocktail with that combination called Madras Cocktail (Cranberry juice + Orange juice + Vodka). I casually Snapchatted when he was dunking bitter-guard chips in orange juice few months back and few people were actually fascinated by this idea!!!! You gotta be kidding me! But here are such weird-combinations that he likes. Read More …

Make a wish!

me: “Heyyy here’s your eyelash, make a wish!” him: “Um, I think it’s from my nose.” me: “No, it was much above your nose. Here, make a wish” him: “But, where’s the eyelash? I can’t find it!” me: “I can’t find it either! Forget it. Also, you don’t deserve to be blessed with such long and bushy voluminous lashes.”