Turn the frown upside down.


One of Hari’s masters friend visited us over the weekend and we a great time with him. I’ve met him once during my wedding but couldn’t get to talk much then but to make it up we had loads of fun and some much needed pep talk. I felt so positive and courageous after his visit.

Tuesday was good too, I spoke to my happy pill aka Soumya for record breaking 2:59:00hrs! Usually we talk every Monday since I had guests visiting we had to reschedule our weekly meeting to Tuesday. Life felt good with good people around and good talks until yesterday. 🙁

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Friends Forever.

They say “Hard times reveal your true friends” which is so very true. If there is one thing I feel blessed about that is certainly the kind of friends that I’ve made. Of course we all have a bunch of friends but to me what that matters is my inner circle. I’m glad that I din’t go wrong with my inner circle and I love each and everyone of you deeply. These are the people who helped me find my hope, courage and smile back when I was completely lost. Go out and make a bunch of REAL friends like soul-sisters kind, you will thank yourself later. I’m blessed with not one not two but three beautiful soul-sisters. They take their turns to keep me in one piece however busy their life gets. I’m not going to name them but will tell how they help me stay sane. Read More …

October Favorites

Hello, hello! Today has been such a bad day and I have nothing/no one to blame for it but myself. But, it’s okay. It’s okay to be not okay sometimes. After several hours of non-stop weeping, mascara smudging, nail-biting later; I’M FINE!! It’s just one of those days. Here I am all snuggled up on a gloomy October noon, making a list of current favorites. We are just 11 days into October and I already know what my favorites are. There’s something fun about making lists or ISITJUSTME? Anyhoo, here are my favorites..Read More …

Make a wish!

me: “Heyyy here’s your eyelash, make a wish!” him: “Um, I think it’s from my nose.” me: “No, it was much above your nose. Here, make a wish” him: “But, where’s the eyelash? I can’t find it!” me: “I can’t find it either! Forget it. Also, you don’t deserve to be blessed with such long and bushy voluminous lashes.”  

Fear, Anxiety and Depression.

These three words pretty much sums up my life right now. Very much common after losing your loved one I guess. I haven’t shared this anyone except my husband but here I’m sharing it with everyone I know. When I wrote about my dad’s passing here, I said I have faced the worst fear of my life and that I’m not scared of anything now. But I was only numb when I said that. Life has been tough, very tough since I lost my dad. Either I miss my dad, or the nightmares of him going through cancer and facing his impending death or my fear of losing a loved one or suffer due to illness haunts my life right now. Fear becomes anxiety and that drives me crazy. I hate the feeling of being anxious- hot flashes, heart beating too fast, breathing problem, negative thoughts and the stomach pain that kills. I don’t express my sorrows or cry to anyone, not even to people who are very close to me. I find it tough and also when I cry all that everyone tells is something what I don’t want to hear. For me, my dad is still here in some form and I hate when people say that he’s gone and you can’t do anything about it. So I’ve decided not to talk about it to anyone because no one really understands and that’s ok. Only way I pour my heart out is by writing, so here I’m being brutally honest about my life. funniest_memes_what-anxiety-feels-like_18619 Read More …

In my cocoon



Welcome to my cocoon!

What exactly is my cocoon?

A beautiful space or a bubble I built for myself in last couple of months. You guys know that I lost my dad recently, my life has changed drastically ever since. I’m in a confused state right now figuring out things one day at a time. Although this world and life seems pointless to me right now, the only place where I can be myself is my cocoon. I’m gonna take you guys with me on a guided tour. Welcome to my cocoon, guys. Come on in.Read More …