Happy 2018!!

Hello helloooo! HAPPY 2018!

I’m back from a major break and if you.. *sneeze* Give me a minute, I’ll dust away the cobwebs here and be right back. It’s been so long since I entered my blog space that it has gathered so much dust.
So yeah, if you follow me on Instagram, you know why I was MIA. For others, this is what happened- 

So, we found out that we are pregnant last January.

First trimester, I kinda camped in our restroom for a brief period because I was throwing up most of the time. So I might as well stay there right? LOL

Second trimester, I felt a lot better and vacated from the restroom and and my husband surprised me with a surprise babymoon to Hawaii. 🙂

Third trimester, let’s just say, HORMONES-1, ME-0. ’nuff said? 
And then on September 24th, we had our baby girl and everyday has been sleepless great since then. 

For everyone who told me 2017 is gonna be MY year, THANK YOU!! It was really an amazing year, so many things checked off our bucket list. Above all, it feels great to be happy. Wish you all a very wonderful 2018!

Thank you, Universe!

Few months back, to be precise, in November when the election results were out there were so many broken hearts including me who wanted some kind of positivity around. I came up with one simple yet excellent idea which had something to do with post-its. I went to my office room to check for them but couldn’t find it. I have this good/bad habit of trying to find stuff that I can’t find. So the idea was put on pause for four long months until yesterday evening.

Yesterday evening while I was busy judging celebrities on the red carpet, Hari came and gave me a small package and said.
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I see faces everywhere.

That’s right. I see faces everywhere, well not in a spooky way but in a cute or funny way. I have few pictures of the many ‘faces’ that I have seen over years. Until I met Hari, I thought it’s just me that who’s blessed with such powers but now we are that couple who sees faces everywhere. Just so you know, a couple who sees faces everywhere together , stays together.  😀 We usually see faces or body in clouds, flowers, houses, coffee. etc Before you judge us, I googled before I began to write this post to check whether if it’s some kinda disorder that we are able to see faces but turns out we have a well-wired brain. I don’t know what that means but reading that made me 100x happier. *smug face* Read More …

Drink Water!

drinkwater I want to make a confession today and really not proud of it. Hi, I’m Aishwarya and I don’t drink enough water everyday. I don’t know what’s wrong with me but inspite of my parents, brother, my bestie and husband constantly reminding me to drink water, I ended up not drinking enough water. So I decided to motivate myself by downloading an app, I felt pressurized and it din’t work either! I worked out a plan for myself which goes like this. Listen sweetheart (yes, I call myself sweetheart), drink water when you someone pisses you off drink water when you get hyper-excited drink water when someone comments on your blogpost drink water when someone reminds you to drink water everytime it snows drink water everytime you get a message on your phone drink water everytime your get anxiety pangs drink water after you eat drink water after you pee drink water when your OCD nerves are bothering you drink water everytime you miss someone I have been following this since the beginning of this month and it works like a charm! If this doesn’t work for you how about… Read More …