Eggless Banana Pancakes

I have been making these pancakes ever since Sammy started her solids and she loved nibbling on it. Now, she has grown up so much that she helps me prep the batter and watch me make pancakes. For some reason, I always thought it’s a recipe for kids and never thought of scaling up the recipe so that we grown ups could eat it too. Once there was a leftover pancake from what I made for Sammy, which almost never happens. She loves these pancakes more than the real deal pancakes. So, I had that leftover pancake and it was SO delicious. I just wished I made a bigger batch. Since then, it’s our tradition to eat pancakes as a family. The best part about this is it’s hit breakfast with anyone in the family. Baby to parents to uncles to grand parents to great grand parent. YUP! Tested and loved recipe, definitely a keeper. Here’s how I make it.

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Filter coffee Mocha Ice-cream

Quarantine life hits hard on us sometimes and my way of burning stress is by cooking/baking. I love recipes that are simple yet the result is delicious. Once such recipe is this filter coffee mocha ice cream. I have already shared the recipe for mango ice cream, the base recipe is just the same and the flavor that we use here is filter coffee decoction (brewed coffee/espresso) and cocoa powder. Isn’t that the best combination ever? Even better when had in a soft serve ice cream form.    
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Homemade Tomato Ketchup

Growing up, we loved to eat ketchup with anything and everything. Be it chapathi, dosa, sandwich, pizza, puffs, rolls you name it. So it was a staple in our kitchen pantry. I always thought ketchup had to be store-bought and never thought of making it myself. Enter corona virus and quarantine life. We ran out of ketchup and the shop that I used to buy from didn’t carry it. So now I had to DIY it and googled the recipe and I couldn’t believe how easy it was to make it at home.I have already made it twice now and I’m blown away with the texture and taste which is just like store bought ketchup. Here’s how I make it.
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Dates-walnut muffin using oat flour

I can’t believe I’m saying this but we are kinda getting bored of baking banana bread. It used to be our favorite but I think I need to give it a break. Enter dates-nut muffins. I have always been finding ways to make cake/muffins healthier and pushed myself to bake these muffins with oats this time. I have used 3/4th cup rolled oats and 1/4 cup ragi flour, you can use just oats or oats with all purpose flour or just all purpose flour. I have used one egg, feel free to sub it with flax egg. Here’s how I made it with some help from my sous chef Sammy. 🙂
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Spinach Ricotta Pasta

My toddler loves pasta and I’m constantly scouting the internet for pasta recipes that are healthy and delicious. One of that healthy and delicious recipes is this spinach ricotta pasta.You can also add more veggies like broccoli, bell peppers, olives to it. It’s pretty easy to make and more importantly it is toddler and adult approved recipe. Here’s how I make it.

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Mexican Rice in Instant Pot

I love me some Mexican food twice a month atleast. We make paneer tacos, veggie enchiladas quite often. Last week when I made tacos, I made some Mexican rice and oh boy, little did I know that my toddler would love it so much and it’s safe to call it our family favorite. I love how simple it is yet so flavorful and it’s so easy to make! Win, win, win!! I made this in my instant pot, you can make it in a pressure cooker.  Here’s how I make it.  
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BLW | Sweet potato Rice Pudding

Sammy is not a big fan of veggies and I try hard to sneak it someway or the other. In this recipe I’m adding sweet potato(duh!) to rice pudding and I can’t say it was a hit but she did eat quite good. Another way to sneak in sweet potato is  by adding the puree to pancake batter. I’ll post the recipe for that one of these days. But for now here’s how I make sweet potato rice pudding.

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Sweetcorn Soup

We are three months into this year and we have been sick for the third time this year already. Sammy and I are so sick of being sick. We have lost the appetite and just find comfort in warm fluid food aka milk/coffee/soup. Speaking of soup, I made this sweetcorn soup sometime last week and my toddler loved it so much so that I almost made it every other day. I loved it too, nothing fancy, no big deal, but this soup is soul food especially when you have cold, more so in Chicago Winter. Make this soup and your tastebuds will thank you me later. Here’s how I make it.

You will need 

1. 1  tbsp butter
2. 1 cup sweetcorn + 1/2 cup sweetcorn
3. 1 tsp minced garlic
4. 1 tsp minced ginger
5. 1 green chilli (finely chopped)
6. 1 carrot (finely chopped)
7. 1/2 cup green peas
8. 3 cups water/broth
9. salt and pepper to taste
10. green onions to garnish


1. Heat a pot on medium heat and add butter to it. Once it melts add in chopped ginger, garlic and green chilies.
2. Grind 1/2 cup of sweetcorn with 1/2 cup of water into a roughly smooth paste.
3. Add in all the veggies, sweetcorn paste and some salt and pepper and let it cook for a minute.
4. Add in water/broth and close the pot and let the veggies cook.
5. Make sure the veggies are cooked and adjust the salt and pepper to your liking. Garnish with finely chopped green onions.