Daddy’s lil girl

I was around 5 years old, had just got out of bed and went looking for my mom/dad and found my dad sitting and shaving (which he used to do every morning). I went and sat beside him..
Appa- Good morning, darling.
Me- Hmmm.. *tapping my lap against the floor*
Appa- Do you wanna pee?
Me- Why?
Appa- You’re tapping your lap, I think you should go pee.
He was right and I went peed and came back running as if I’ll miss the climax of the movie.
Me- ouch you’re bleeding near your chin appa. (I was scared to death looking at that tiny dot of blood)
Appa- Don’t worry. I just cut myself and it doesn’t hurt me at all. Don’t worry ok?
Me- ok if you say so. 🙂 Read More …