10 Useful Travel Toys For Toddlers

Long haul flights can be painful especially when it is *really really* long like close to 24 hours. Now imagine travelling with a baby/toddler in tow for this long!! 

Enter amazing toys/books. 
Every kid is different so are their interests and developments. So I’ll suggest toys/books/random stuff that have helped Sammy during our long haul flights. These work great for short trips/ road trips too. 

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Hawaii Haul

I hope you’re all doing great! We are back from the Aloha state, Hawaii with lots of memories, pictures, tan and a bag full of goodies. We had no plans of shopping anything major except a souvenir or two but we did end up getting quite a lot of stuff. Mostly food stuff, not a surprise if you know me well. 😀 Here are few things that we got from Hawaii!

1. Our Airbnb hosts gave us a box of milk chocolate covered mac nuts which we loved and got this ‘cookies & creme’ macadamias with us to mainland. These are our post-dinner treats and they are so yum. 
2. I was nauseous at the airport while leaving to Chicago and picked this tamarind candy at a random store at airport. It tastes like our Indian khatta-meeta golis which was exactly what I wanted at that time. So yayyy! 
I can’t wait to try these, in fact I might open this packet right after I finish this post. ugh. Can’t wait! I wish I bought these in many other flavors but I wasn’t sure then. But I see them on Amazon so no worries! Yay!

These are the bomb!! I don’t know what I was thinking, I should have bought at least a 10 more of these considering anything that has chocolate plus coconut cannot go wrong. These are available on Amazon but at double the price but it’s worth it!! 
I’m a sucker for anything passion fruit so I *had* to get these yummies. I’m planning to make passion fruit mousse with the syrup or just pour over french toast. And the jelly, I want to try with toasted bread or I might lick it all in one sitting.
 We saw this ador(bobble)head which goes on the car dashboard and we *had* to adopt him right away. We fondly call him ‘Thenga’ and he cracks us up every.single.time we see him. 
   I may or may not have bought couple of Hawaiian key chains for my friends here. 😀 
8. We stopped at a random fair in Kauai and though I’m not a accessory person, I really liked this necklace and the sweet shopkeeper lady said she would love to gift it to me. :’) Hawaiians are as sweet as their pineapples!
9. We got this name plate for our ‘Kauai’ inspired garden in our backyard which is our little Summer’17 garden project. Let’s see how that goes. 🙂   
10. We also got a refrigerator magnet that I can’t seem to find at the moment. :O
11. We also got our moms a pearl necklace each and we hope they like it.
That’s all folks! I hope I post often now that I’m back from Hawaiian beaches with spackled soul and aloha spirit.
Take care, youguys! <3


If you follow me on Instagram/Snapchat you know that I was staycationing in Chicago. Hari tried his best to convince me for a vacation this year but I wasn’t ready yet. So he came up with this brilliant idea of staycation and I din’t have the heart to say no this time. Also, this is my only ‘travel’ this year, I loved it so much that I wanna document it here. So on Dec 25th we went on a staycation, we stayed at the Marriot in Wilmette which was amazing (good job, husband)! We checked-in, toured the room and got into our swimsuits and headed straight to the swimming pool and oh boy, we had a whole pool to ourselves and had a blast. You know what, I’ll let the pictures do the talking. 😀 Read More …

Baha’i House of Worship

Hello World, So, after a long vacation in India, I’m back to the nest(Chicago). Baha’i house of worship was in my ‘travel bucket list’ since long time and I’m glad that I could finally visit this beautiful place. It’s located in Wilmette, IL. (northern suburb of Chicago).

For those who are new to Baha’i faith, do read this. People around Chicagoland and those who plan to visit Chicago must explore this place! After all it’s one of just 7 temples around the world, this one being largest and the oldest. Beautiful architecture,calm & serene surroundings makes it perfect for meditating- it’s my happy place and makes me wanna visit more!Read More …