My Weekend in Pictures

Hello!! Anybody there? I see that a couple of you kind souls visit my space regularly. Thank you and lots of love to you. Also, if you’re seeing this, please say hi by leaving a comment. Because I would like to know you guys. Last few days have been crazy busy, my dad’s aunt and my uncle visited us last week and we had a great time with them. I would like to talk a lot about their visit as it was a special one for me, but that’s another post for another day. They left on Thursday and we visited my friend Soumya (remember she visited me in June? Yes it’s the same girl)  this weekend and had SO MUCH FUN! We visited Milwaukee zoo on Saturday and went for an evening stroll in Atwater beach. We had our dinner at ‘Alem’ an Ethiopian restaurant, we loved the food and their service. Too bad that I don’t have any pictures of the food because I was seduced by the food. But here are some snapshots of my weekend. Read More …

Weekend Tidbits!


Happy Holidays Y’all! It’s a long weekend for us and we are totally making most of it..


How’s your weekend coming along? Hope it’s not as bad as Steve Harvey’s!

Here are few links from the web which I thought you might like..

  1. Miss Colombia though! Gotta admire her spirit and this is why!
  2. Bummer! I miss eating at Chipotle! 🙁
  3. Star Wars Characters- Now and then!
  4. 10 types of people on Whatsapp!
  5. Whattay cute doodle.. Might do one for 2015.
  6. This peppermint bark I made was such a hit.. Gonna make one more batch of it..
  7. Hahaha this illustration.

Have a good rest of the weekend guys!


Weekend Tidbits!!


How was your Friday? What plans for the weekend? We are binge watching ‘The Great British Baking Show’ tonight as I type this post..

After a busy couple of weekends, I was really looking forward for this weekend. It’s gonna be EAT.SLEEP.EAT kinda weekend. Also, gotta do grocery shopping! Anyway, you have a great weekend. Here are some of the fun stuff I came across this past week.

Such a cute love story!

Remember ‘Full House’? Check out the teaser trailer for ‘Fuller House‘ . CAN’T WAIT!

*Sigh* It does make me jealous!

Looking for ‘Last minute Holiday treats ideas‘ *hi5*

Star wars or Sisters?

Mind=blown. Go Ninja Squirrel!

Rose Quartz or Serenity? Latter for me.

That’s all folks!

I’m calling it a day then.